David Mrisho, PhD &
Prof. Dr. Gerald Eisenkopf

Burnout and recovery among physicians

Dr. David Mrisho and Prof. Dr. Gerald Eisenkopf will work at the research project “How to Improve Recovery and Reduce Burnout among Physicians”, by studying the cases of Tanzania and Germany.

Prof. Dr. Gerald Eisenkopf is Professor of Management of Social Services in the Faculty I (Education and Social Sciences) of the University of Vechta. In his research projects he investigates the behavioral impact of economic controlling tools. This is realized both within experimental fundamental research and in various field studies with a specific applied focus on the educational sector.

About David Mrisho

Dr. David Mrisho is a lecturer at St. Augustine University of Tanzania working with the department of Public Relations and Advertising.  He holds a PhD in Business Management majoring in organizational studies from Capital University of Economics and Business – Beijing, China. Dr. Mrisho has a Master degree in Communication studies of St. Augustine University of Tanzania and a BA in Philosophy of Urbaniana Pontifical University of Rome, Italy.  He also studied management of foreign affairs at the Centre of Foreign Affairs – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


His research interests include organizational studies, high performance works systems, managerial functions, organizational philosophy, organizational Communication and Media management. Currently, David Mrisho is a research fellow with University of Vechta for the cross – disciplinary visiting programme “Global Talents for Local Transformations.”


Dr. Mrisho has a lecturing experience of ten years. He has been teaching Critical Thinking, Introduction to Philosophy, Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Communication, International Marketing, Strategic Corporate Communication, Marketing Management and International Public Relations.


“International and Comparative laws on Media and the Position in Tanzania”, Juris Publisher Limited: Tanzania

“Critical Thinking: Gaining the know how” (Manual)

“The Cross – Level effects of High performance work systems: The Roles of Future Time Perspective and Job Autonomy in Tanzania’s Media organizations.” (PhD Dissertation)

“Introduction to Organizational Behavior” (book)

About the Project

The research focuses on physician well – being and ill- being and investigates the antecedents and consequences of burnout among physicians and their support staff. The topic is of high relevance worldwide, in particular for the development of human and health services in rural areas with few doctors. Our focus is on organizational mechanisms that identify and address these concerns.

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