Ecology, ethics and plurality in Mexico’s rural council democracy

Ecology, ethics and plurality from the rural council democracy in Mexico in the face of global context

About the project

This project will show from both a practical and a theoretical perspective the important aspects of the experience of the Mexican rural council democracy and their implications for other important current issues like ecology, ethics, and plurality. The rural council democracy in Mexico develops certain values ​​with respect to ecology, ethics, and plurality. This allows us to explore how these communities understand and practice these values and how and which of these experiences and perspectives can be applied to some problems of the city and even to current global issues such as pollution, inequality, and discrimination. 

This project will contrast the practices of Mexican rural council with the social political organization in the current global context, so that we can see what values and ideas can be useful to address the mentioned problems, and in the same way, which of these values could help rural development and welfare.