The visiting program has the ambitious goal not only to bring together international researchers from different countries and enable collaborations with experts from the University of Vechta. It also aims to stimulate a scientific debate among the participants as well as their hosts beyond the borders of the disciplines they belong to. In order to initiate this interdisciplinary dialogue, the visiting program includes a meeting to start and facilitate the interdisciplinary exchange, moderated by the Graduate Centre of the University of Vechta (November 17, 2021). If applicable, the visiting fellows will suggest a collective cohort-theme that more specifically addresses their research interests but still falls under the umbrella theme “Transformation processes in rural areas”.

The results of the described interdisciplinary debate will be posted on this page and will be issued in different formats (interviews, recorded discussions, videos, podcasts, etc.). The format should facilitate the communication of the results of the debate to the wider (local and global) public.



On November 17th, 2021, the four participants took part in an interdisciplinary dialogue meeting organized by the Graduate Centre of the University of Vechta. After presenting their research projects to an audience of researchers from all faculties of the University of Vechta, they initiated a discussion concerning possible connections among their research projects with reference to the umbrella topic „Transformation processes in rural areas“. The graphic below illustrates the results of this first discussion.